Boom Lift for sale at an affordable price

The company has been selling access equipments for many years and one of the best in the field. The company has equipments from all major manufactures in the country.  The company offer boom lifts for sale to the potential buyers. The company sells Boom lift for sale in new and used condition. The company offers boom lifts for sale in the following four variations.

  1. Trailer mounted boom
  2. Track mounted boom
  3. Articulated boom
  4. Telescopic boom

Boom Lift for sale

  • Trailer mounted boom

The trailer mounted boom lifts offers an excellent working condition. The lift assists you in doing work in low or high. It has pictograph controls and easy to tow mobility. With boom lift your profit is sure to boom and makes your task easy while working at heights. The lift can be towed by an SUV or pickup.  Due to its low weight, it is useful for working on gymnasium floors, lawns and slates.

  • Track mounted boom

Track mounted boom lift is new in access technology and room for holding two persons. The lift can go anywhere, working heights from 45 to 76 feet and extend sideways up to 39 inches. The lift is useful for the people undertake works in,

  1. Window cleaning
  2. Painting
  3. Pipe fitting
  4. Glazing
  5. Electrical works
  6. Tree trimming
  • Articulated boom

The articulated boom lifts are powered by diesel and electric. The lift measures up to 41m and facilitate you to reach the place to work, whether it is for pruning, installation or maintenance work.  Articulated boom lifts with a measurement of 20m and less has the ability to negotiate any room, largely due to their chassis size.

  • Telescopic boom

The telescopic boom lifts are helpful for doing work in different angles and busy sites. The telescopic boom takes you to the workplace, besides offering you with height and capacity.

If you want a boom lifts in brand new or in used condition. For your requirement, contact us through email or phone. The company will comeback with right solution to your needs.


Powered Cherry Pickers For Sale

Cherry Picker is one of the most effective and flexible ways to work at high elevations. Let it be the maintenance of buildings or servicing of electricity poles, it is one of the most secure possibility.AES has an extensive range of Cherry Pickers for sale with heights ranging from 9m to over 21m.

AES maintains an impressive variety of Cherry Pickers for sale. Few of them are stated below:

Cherry Pickers for sale

Trailer mounted: Their easy usage, compact size and light-weight make them the best buy. They involve Diesel, Petrol and Bi-energy powering mechanisms.

Self-Propelled: Their platform rotation and high working heights (over 28m) make Cherry Pickers ideal for constructional and industrial environment.

Self-Drive: These equipments have the qualities of both trailer-mounted and self-propelled ones. Their 4WD chassis system and hydraulic outriggers make their set up easier even on rough terrains.

Track Drive: These diesel and mains powered Cherry Pickers offer maximum traction and are quite comfortable to use. Their height of working extends till 17m.

The application of these equipments continues to grow rapidly as different industries recognize their benefits. But if you don’t want to go for new ones, we stock a wide range of used Cherry Pickers for sale. These working at height machines are supreme when it comes to quality. These equipments go through a thorough inspection before being sold as customers’ satisfaction is the paramount for AES.

A professionally trained team of operators provide training and safety courses which cover the safe practices in working environment. Proper instructions are given stating systematic work procedures. Certifications for work at high elevations are also provided. In case the machine fails, a proper report is being prepared clearly describing the amendments required. So, if you are in for buying a safe and secure Cherry Picker, AES offers the most efficient, flexible and durable Cherry Pickers for sale with unsurpassed quality.

JLG- Revolutionary Solution for Industries

From past, as Industries were growing, new needs were arises every day. In all that needs, one need was how to do work at places which are very high from earth surfaces like buildings, tower etc. The height was the main obstacle to reach up for workers as well as for industries. For this many solutions were invented. One of those solutions is JLG Man lifts. JLG man lift is lift equipment which is able to lift workers in the air so that they are able to perform construction and maintenance functions quickly and safely. The founder of JLG is John L. Grove. He gifts this revolutionary solution to Industries and workers. So, it is suggested to have JLG for sale.

Why JLG?

There are always many options on the market to choose from, JLG is one of the best solutions available on market. The reasons are:

  1. JLG is innovations that takes you to new heights, helps you to conquer the height challenges with confidence. JLG products keep safety as first priority that’s why it comes with operation and safety manuals.
  2. JLG provides training while service as well as safety and parts and prepares you to effectively train your own employees. They have Training Centre & Proving Grounds.
  3. JLG has a range of vertical lifts and stock pickers—from driveable and push around lifts to the LiftPod personal portable lift—for more portable and easily manoeuvrable solutions.
  4. In JLG products, more emphasis is on products usability and safety. It results in many improvements in products like easy to use, easy to control and easy to maintain.
  5. JLG provides a versatile choice to suit all types of applications.
  6. One of the most wonderful aspects with regard to making a JLG purchase as choice is that they perform required annual inspections, which may be conducted at any location of your choice. If finances are a problem, then purchasing a used part is not a problem as the quality is exactly the same as if it were brand new.

Features of JLG Manlifts:

  1. It supports platform height generally up to 20 feet to 40 feet.
  2. Long Battery Backup in multi-shift conditions. Easy to control.
  3. Fast lifts and drive speeds provide efficient productivity.
  4. JLG’s some products support rental markets too.

Equipments of JLG:

  1. Engine Powered Boom Lifts
  2. Electric and Hybrid Boom Lifts
  3. Vertical Lifts And Stock Pickers
  4. Scissors Lifts
  5. Towable Boom Lifts
  6. Telehandlers
  7. Drop Deck Trailers
  8. Pre-owned Equipment etc.

With all these awesome features and equipments, JLG is Revolutionary Solution for Industries. Access Equipment Sales is the best place to get your desired JLG for sale in Australia.

Genie – Brand That Is Redesigning Lifting Equipments Worldwide

A machine which can be used to pick up and move an object, whether light or heavy, from one place to another desired place, can be called a lifting equipment. People also call such machines by other names like elevating working platforms, lifting gear, aerial device etc. Their demands have increased exponentially every year; thus one can find lifting devices from various brands like Genie for sale in various shops as well as online.


Lifting equipments are of various types; they differ by the mechanism of their operation, their pattern of movement, power delivered etc. Every industry has its own special need; hence they buy these devices accordingly. These devices can be classified, keeping the above factors in mind into the following types-

Scissor Lift – The term scissor is used since the lifting mechanism looks like a crisscrossed “X” shape. The extension motion is achieved by proving force to one of the supports, which causes elongation of the crossing mechanism. The force applied can be either through hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical system. They move the system only vertically.

Boom Lifts and Trailer Mounted Lifts – These machines are portable; hence, they are lightweight and are placed on a moving vehicle. These are mostly in emergency cases.

Vertical Mass Lifts – In this case, the whole platform is lifted above by hydraulic or mechanical means.

Telehandlers – These are common in agriculture. These are extremely versatile, and can be used with different attachments for their respective purposes.

Genie Industries

Founded in 1966, Genie Industries are specialists in this market of lifting equipments. There are various lifting equipments from Genie for sale, in various countries throughout the world, including USA, Brazil, Australia, UK and others. This industry has revolutionised the manufacturing process of lifting equipments. They are also concerned about safety and pollution, and try their best to minimise waste production and support their customers in any problems faced.


One always needs to be careful while using these machines, as accidents can happen even at the slightest mistake. However, most processes have been automated now, so accidents rarely occur.