Why Should You Choose Certified Lift Equipment For Sale?

Lift equipment is a device used in any workplace for lifting and lowering loads. There is a variety of lift equipment for sale is available in the market. When choosing any lift equipment, it is necessary to ensure its reliability since having reliable equipment is crucial for safety concerns. Many industries provide lift equipment for sale as these are popular lifting device in our daily life. This equipment can save lots of time and money as well. You should first examine its work capacity and efficiency before buying any equipment. There is a number of companies who provide certified and good quality lift equipment. You should choose which suits your requirements the most.



Lift equipment consists below kinds

  • Vehicle lifts
  • Overhead cranes and their backing runways
  • frights and passenger lifts
  • lifting trimmings
  • Any building cleaning cradle and its stoppage
  • Vehicle tail lifts and cranes equipped with vehicles.
  • Teen handlers and diverge lifts

Buying a certified lift equipment is quite crucial for any use. Basically, there are two important factors are required for a lifting device. The first is engineer approval lifting capacity and another is weld examination for continuing certification.

Reasons for getting certified lifting equipment

Safety concerns- The foremost reason for having certified lifting equipment is considering your safety. Using a certified lifting device assures that you are using a substance of equipment that has been examined to be fundamentally sturdy for a given rating. You should ensure that it satisfies the appropriate 2:1, 3:1 or 5:1 safety standards. If a device is safe up to the task, you will have peace of mind at night.

Required by law- According to the Occupational health and safety (OHAS) code, it is a rule that a lifting device requires to be certified in writing by engineer and carry the professional seal. The only exemption to this rule is that if the bar is commercially formed. The OHAS also advises to ASME B30.20 that is the below the hook lifting code that controls various operations and design regarding problems with lifting equipment.


Responsibility towards team- Every manager and supervisor have a responsibility towards their team. Having certified lifting equipment moves some of the responsibility regarding whether the equipment is safe for employees or not. The operator makes sure that the equipment is certified and engineer ensures its safety. If an operator and engineer do their task properly, the employer should only take care that no any employee misuse the equipment and have a procedure in case of an accident.

Quality control matters- when it comes to good quality lift equipment, it is necessary to ensure quality control review of the manufacturer. Generally, an ISO 9001 is also in place which increases material tractability, inspection processes, and some other proper Quality control elements.

Visit the Access equipment sales, we provide high-quality lift equipment for sale in all across the Australia. As an expert, our prime aim is to provide you with a safe and effective way of working at height. With our complete support package we not only provide the right equipment, but also necessary advice, service, inspection and training programs to keep you within the current guidelines. We have a range of lifting equipment available here.


Boom Lift for sale at an affordable price

The company has been selling access equipments for many years and one of the best in the field. The company has equipments from all major manufactures in the country.  The company offer boom lifts for sale to the potential buyers. The company sells Boom lift for sale in new and used condition. The company offers boom lifts for sale in the following four variations.

  1. Trailer mounted boom
  2. Track mounted boom
  3. Articulated boom
  4. Telescopic boom

Boom Lift for sale

  • Trailer mounted boom

The trailer mounted boom lifts offers an excellent working condition. The lift assists you in doing work in low or high. It has pictograph controls and easy to tow mobility. With boom lift your profit is sure to boom and makes your task easy while working at heights. The lift can be towed by an SUV or pickup.  Due to its low weight, it is useful for working on gymnasium floors, lawns and slates.

  • Track mounted boom

Track mounted boom lift is new in access technology and room for holding two persons. The lift can go anywhere, working heights from 45 to 76 feet and extend sideways up to 39 inches. The lift is useful for the people undertake works in,

  1. Window cleaning
  2. Painting
  3. Pipe fitting
  4. Glazing
  5. Electrical works
  6. Tree trimming
  • Articulated boom

The articulated boom lifts are powered by diesel and electric. The lift measures up to 41m and facilitate you to reach the place to work, whether it is for pruning, installation or maintenance work.  Articulated boom lifts with a measurement of 20m and less has the ability to negotiate any room, largely due to their chassis size.

  • Telescopic boom

The telescopic boom lifts are helpful for doing work in different angles and busy sites. The telescopic boom takes you to the workplace, besides offering you with height and capacity.

If you want a boom lifts in brand new or in used condition. For your requirement, contact us through email or phone. The company will comeback with right solution to your needs.

Powered Cherry Pickers For Sale

Cherry Picker is one of the most effective and flexible ways to work at high elevations. Let it be the maintenance of buildings or servicing of electricity poles, it is one of the most secure possibility.AES has an extensive range of Cherry Pickers for sale with heights ranging from 9m to over 21m.

AES maintains an impressive variety of Cherry Pickers for sale. Few of them are stated below:

Cherry Pickers for sale

Trailer mounted: Their easy usage, compact size and light-weight make them the best buy. They involve Diesel, Petrol and Bi-energy powering mechanisms.

Self-Propelled: Their platform rotation and high working heights (over 28m) make Cherry Pickers ideal for constructional and industrial environment.

Self-Drive: These equipments have the qualities of both trailer-mounted and self-propelled ones. Their 4WD chassis system and hydraulic outriggers make their set up easier even on rough terrains.

Track Drive: These diesel and mains powered Cherry Pickers offer maximum traction and are quite comfortable to use. Their height of working extends till 17m.

The application of these equipments continues to grow rapidly as different industries recognize their benefits. But if you don’t want to go for new ones, we stock a wide range of used Cherry Pickers for sale. These working at height machines are supreme when it comes to quality. These equipments go through a thorough inspection before being sold as customers’ satisfaction is the paramount for AES.

A professionally trained team of operators provide training and safety courses which cover the safe practices in working environment. Proper instructions are given stating systematic work procedures. Certifications for work at high elevations are also provided. In case the machine fails, a proper report is being prepared clearly describing the amendments required. So, if you are in for buying a safe and secure Cherry Picker, AES offers the most efficient, flexible and durable Cherry Pickers for sale with unsurpassed quality.

Considering the Requirements of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lift can be termed as an aerial work platform that perpendicularly moves to help out workers to arrive at high levels. There are so many available scissor lifts for sale, are developed with a pantograph specified as – linked, folding sustains in an ‘X’ pattern. In the air movement takes place when stress is applied to the exterior of the lowest set of supports. The bridge pulls out from some platforms to be competent to allow expedient access to the work place. With the labour intensive release of the regulator, the platform could go back to the ground. The declension is accomplished by minimally releasing the hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. This is the chief reason why scissor lifts are the most excellent machine at the worksites. Scissor Lift For Sale Australia Operators that are both experienced and inexperienced will be competent to get some advantage from the right scissor lift training program. A scissor lift machinist certification program can be exclusively designed to provide accommodation for those lifts utilized at your place of work. The operators certificate of training would record the specified models on which they qualified. Equipment that is matched to Each Business Requirements Choosing the finest piece of equipment for the business tasks is critical for a safe and sound work environment. The work field will primarily be surveyed to find out the job’s lifting necessities with the intention of matching the appropriate Personnel Lifts available at Access Equipment Sales Australia to the requirements of the business. These scissor lift will need to go along with all the pertinent safety- as well as environmental standards. Get the best equipment from the most recommended access equipment sales industry providing huge range in various lifting equipments including Scissor Lifts for sale with highly functional features.

Aerial Work Platform: Tips to Stay Safe

There are a number of things that can be efficiently done with the functionalities and features of Aerial work platforms. These are most adopted tools to carry out huge number of works at height. It is important to have a thorough knowledge about the equipment like how to operate it, how upkeep it as well as provide it proper maintenance and what are the do’s and don’ts in order to stay away from any kind of hazards and accidents.

Following are some considerations to stay safe with operating Aerial Work Platform:

  • Check your environment cautiously overhead and around the machine to make certain that there are not any overhead wires, which you can run into or anything on or in the region of the equipment that can be reason for a hazard.
  • Utilize the proper harnesses as well as other fall protection equipment while you are operating and being in the aerial or boom lift bucket that are given for your safety in condition you do fall. This apparatus can go far away in keeping you secure and also make sure that you have fall safety with your employer at the time of emergencies.
  • To avoid electrocutions non-electrical staffs are to reside at least 10 feet distance from electric power lines. In case, you are an electrical worker make certain that you are ashore and that the electrical current does not go through your body in installing the appropriate insulation on the aerial work platform.
  • Ensure that there are no missing or loose parts on the device itself.
  • Your employer must make available operating and security manuals with the device in case you necessitate looking up them while in the field. If these are not at hand acquire them from your employer and carry them on with the aerial work platform at all times.

Access Equipment Sales is best known place for having high quality Aerial Work Platform at any place in Australia. Experienced as well as trained professionals at here offer you great assistance and facilities to make them advantageous as well as comfortable with us. We assure you if you had our services once, you will be our permanent customer because of our quality products, services and various attractive offers.

Tips for Using Lifting Equipments

These days, technology is developed to a great extent and there are a huge range of equipments accessible with the use of which the labours can be made simpler as well as easier. The job of lifting is accomplished by means of the Lifting Equipment, which is on hand today, and these tools are considered to be very favorable in huge numbers of ways.

There was an era when the task of lifting was done manually, which not just occupied lots of labours, but at the same time it occupied loads of time and hassle as well. On the other hand, things have entirely changed now, and these equipments are totally accessible at present.

Aerial Work Lifting Equipment

The LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) was brought in to make sure that all the previous requirements and regulations were brought collectively with precision. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations comprises all the rules and regulations to make sure that lifting equipment is run appropriately as well as in condition that it will not cause injury.

These are certain rules:

Similar to all equipment natives will start to take it for granted, this is the reason is why checks on this equipment are quite general. This gets us to our first tip – keep up and service your elevating platform whether a sling for a disabled person or a huge crane, it will avoid prosecution and accidents as well.

Make sure that the equipment you have selected is capable enough to carry out all the tasks for which it is selected. This is needed to be considered for all powered as well as manual lifting equipments.

Perform regular verifications and examinations on a regular basis for its better functioning. This is very essential that the person who is accomplishing all these examinations are experienced as well as educated enough in the field to find the desired result. In last, it is quite obvious to make sure that operator have taken a proper training before the usage of the lifting equipment and became capable to carry out the task safely.

It is recommended to follow the mentioned tips for the better usage of lifting equipments. Access equipment sales it better known for their high quality equipments and superior training services, which make you more confident to enhance your business, construction or any king of elevated work.